October 6, 2015


October is here and I started to think I could bust out my Fall wardrobe. Well, the jokes on me because until today, AZ has been hitting the triple digits. I quickly realized I had to customize my Fall wardrobe to be Arizona appropriate. Today I am sharing 3 looks that are not only season appropriate, but also climate appropriate as well. 

LOOK 1: A lightweight tunic, leggings, and pointed flats
TUNIC: JC Penny// Leggings: Gap// Shoes: Target (similar style)

LOOK 2: Belted chambray dress, a wool hat, and animal print shoes
 DRESS: Gap (similar style)| HAT: Nordstrom | SHOES: Bannana Republic (similar style)

LOOK 3: Jeans & a t-shirt, flannel shirt tied around the waist, and sneakers 
T-SHIRT: Olive Lane// JEANS: Gap// FLANNEL: Old Navy// SHOES: New Balance 

October 5, 2015


Every year my family gathers in North Carolina for a week of fun at the beach. All 42 of us cram into one big house. It's loud, it's crazy, and it's our favorite week of the year. We carry on the same traditions every year and every year we leave with gratitude in our hearts for such a wonderful family to spend time with. The best part about this trip is we literally eat and hang out at the beach. We live in our swimsuits and sweats, we play games and laugh, and thoroughly enjoy each other's company. It is nothing fancy but it's the vacation we most look forward to every year.

The past couple of years Scott has been able to join us. It has been so fun to share something that is so near and dear to my heart with him. I love how close he has become with my family and I love how much my family really enjoys having him around.

This year we went to the beach right in the middle of all that shark attack excitement going on at the beaches in South and North Carolina. I love the ocean but I did limit my time in the water because the "what ifs" got the best of me. We had gone the whole week without a single shark sighting and then on the last day we saw TWO. That is definitely something that will get your heart pounding, especially when you see it within reaching distance of your brother and cousin. Luckily everyone was safe, but I could not keep thinking about how many sharks that must of swam right by me the whole week. It gives me the chills every time I think about it!!

I know everyone doesn't get the opportunity to go on family vacations like this one so I feel very fortunate and blessed to be a part of a family that makes sacrifices so we can spend time with one another. Some of my fondest memories come from times we spent together at the beach and I hope to continue to make more and more memories in the years to come!

It has become a tradition to make a music video every year with all of my cousins. Now these things are no joke. We take them very seriously and they always turn out to be "the best one yet". If you're interested...you can view our 2015 video here. 

Scott and I ended up making up a little video of our own. You can view that video here. 

As I was going through all my pictures, I realized I do not have as many cousin pictures! It makes me so sad. You can view my post from last year which gives a lot more detail into our week. 

September 30, 2015


dress: GAP | shoes: Banana Republic