October 15, 2014


Scott and I were able to take a quick trip down to Lake Powell to meet my family for their Fall Break. We oh so wish we could have stayed longer, that place is way too fun. Especially with all of our family friends that joined us. One of our cute friends made a video of the whole trip and we are a tad bit obsessed with it. You can watch it here if you'd like. We hope to return next year!! 

October 13, 2014


Scott had a birthday on Sunday!! Scott's birthday is my favorite holiday. I love to plan, prepare, and spoil. Unfortunately, this year we decided not to exchange gifts for our birthdays so that puts a small damper on things but the day was still fun and relaxing, just how he likes it. We started the morning with breakfast in bed...cold cereal. I really tried to fight for something more elaborate, but Honey Nut Chex was all he wanted. We attended church and meetings that morning/afternoon and then relaxed and watched a couple episodes on Netflix for a little bit, along with FaceTime/phone calls to family. Sunday birthdays always turn out that way! That evening we had a few friends over for dinner to celebrate. We ate a ton, played games, and enjoyed each other's company. We really do have the best friends that always make any activity fun. We ended the night with homemade ice cream and pound cake, which was delicious if I do say so myself! As we got in bed that night, he said to me "That was a great birthday, babe, thank you" which was exactly what I was hoping for.

October 10, 2014


Scott's favorite treat to make is scotcheroos. When we were dating, Scott would always whip these up for me and my roommates to enjoy. He started calling them "scott"-a-roos (you know, making them his own after mastering the recipe) and the name has stuck. Well, I found this recipe for chex mix scotcharoos and I love them so much more as a little snack. We might just have to start calling them "brim"-a-roos around our house... ok yeah, that was a bad joke, but it really might happen. The recipe is so easy and fast, a perfect weekend treat. Enjoy!

October 8, 2014


 Scott and I were out of town for a couple of days so my weekend post is a little late...but oh what a great weekend it was!! My best girl, college roommate, and partner in crime came to Utah for a visit last weekend and it was like Christmas came early. Marissa has been serving an LDS mission for the past 18 months and this was the first time I've seen her since she has returned. We picked up right where we left off and had the best time for the couple days we were together. 

We also had the privilege to have my little cousin, Grady, come play with us and even stay the night. We took him to the BYU football game and he loved every minute of it. Before the game, we hit up JDawgs for a hot dog and the anticipation in Grady kept growing and growing. He was so excited to get into that stadium and once we did, it was pure joy. He was intrigued the entire game and was so excited when it came time to sing the fight song or throw your hands in the air for a touchdown. It was so fun to watch him experience his first college football game. 
^^great company for a football game!^^

Saturday after a full day of work and LDS conference watching, we had some friends over for cookies for Marissa's birthday. It was so fun to see old friends and catch up with everyone. Sunday morning we headed over to the Bench's for breakfast and the 1st session of conference. After the morning session, we had to leave town for a couple of days and it was sad to cut our time short with Marissa, but it was sure fun to have her here while it lasted!! 

October 3, 2014


I was introduced to the junk bowl about 3 years ago by my good friends, the Tanner's. Basically you just put your favorite little treats all in one bowl and mix it all together. This weekend Scott and I will be watching LDS General Conference and we have company coming to town so I'll have this bowl handy to snack on with people coming in and out of our home. Some of my favorites to add to the bowl: honey roasted peanuts, cashews, sour patch kids, twizzler bites, junior mints, hot tamalies, prezel goldfish, Reese's minis, gummy orange slices. Make it when you're going to be with a lot of people, you don't want to be stuck snacking on all that all by yourself! Happy Weekend!! 

October 2, 2014


On Wednesday, Scott and I found ourselves both home in the afternoon. This is very rare for us so we decided to take advantage of the time off and go on a little drive. We live 10 minutes for the most beautiful canyon and we have been looking forward to admiring the leaves change in color. We were, however, a little disappointed in those leaves! Years before when we've gone on this drive (I make sure to go the same week every year), the leaves are bright orange and yellow, but this year they  were more brown and most of them off the trees!! We think it’s because we had a heat spell 2 weeks ago. I was so sad but the air was still crisp and the falling leaves made for a great afternoon. On our way home, we spontaneously decided to visit our friend Shelley and to our surprise she had taco soup ready for us to eat. After dinner, Shelley, Emily, Kenzie, and I decided we needed a treat so we walked ourselves to Sodalicious for drinks and treats. A ordinary Wednesday turned out to be a perfect day. I love it when that happens.

September 30, 2014


My friend Rylee and I were asked to be brand reps for the cutest little shop, Olive Lane. Olive Lane is an online shop that sells graphic tees along with other little gifts and paper. We are helping Olive Lane promote their new tee: A Little Dash of Darling for Olive Lane. It's gold lettering and cute French saying makes for the perfect tee to dress up or wear on a day of running errands. Olive Lane makes it easy for you to wear a t-shirt everyday without feeling grungy. Rylee and I had the greatest time styling these and we are excited to show you more. Go check out their shop here!
To view more photos, go check out Rylee's blog here.