December 12, 2014


Scott has been on an intramural soccer team this semester. At the beginning his team was beating everyone they played by a lot. I'm not all that interested in watching sports so I would make it to a game here and there to show my support. Then at the start of the "playoffs"  his team was moved up a division and the games were more competitive and so much fun to watch. They kept moving closer and closer to the finals and I began looking forward to each game. Our friends started coming to each game and it was an event to look forward to each week. 

Then, they made it to the finals and surprisingly I was just as much into it as Scott was. We were up against a team that had won the championship the 2 years prior. They were dirty players and nothing ticks me off more. Especially since our boys are the "good guys". I was proud of them-everyone kept their cool even through the bad calls and dirty tricks. I still get heated when we talk about it, but we came out on top!! We won 2-1 (Scott making one of the goals!!!) and ending the season undefeated! A lot of friends attended the game which made it fun for me in the cheering section and fun for the boys to have so much support. The best part about this team is how they came about. It started with my cousins, Christopher and Patrick, and Scott wanting to play on a team. They each got a couple of friends who got a couple of friends and they ended up being the best. It was fun to cheer for them this semester and watch them get that coveted t-shirt!
^^"the founders" is what they kept calling themselves^^
^^i'm his biggest fan^^

December 4, 2014


Like I said before, the weather we got in California was unbelievable. We spent everyday at the beach! We would get there around 11am and stay until the sun set. None of the sunsets were quite as good as our first sunset there...but I still enjoyed every single one! 
 On our first beach adventure, we went to Newport. We were meeting Scott's good friends(mine too, now!) for dinner but we decided to go a little bit early to enjoy the beach and the charming little city it is! Scott showed me around the town and we really enjoyed ourselves. We also had such a good time catching up with friends. I haven't had the opportunity to really get to know the people Scott grew up with because Scott's family no longer lives in the town he grew up in. However, with the wedding and this night together, I'm so bummed its taken me this long to build a relationship with them! We had dinner together and then enjoyed a fire on the beach. It was such a fun night!
^^my cute "hi" tee from Olive Lane^^
Day 2 at the beach was completely relaxing. I sat in my chair, soaked up the sun, and had my nose buried in a book for hours. It was a perfect day. 
Day 3 was just like day 2 except we had visitors!! Scott's brother and family came to play as well as my cousins, the Deavers, who were there for a soccer tournament. Again, another perfect day.
Day 4 at the beach was Thanksgiving and probably the best beach day we had. You can read about it HERE! We are so wishing we were back on the beach everyday this week instead of getting ready for the end of the year! 

December 2, 2014


Scott & I had to leave for Provo Thanksgiving night so I could work for GAP on Black Friday and Saturday. It was the pits, I'll tell you that much. On Friday, I got their at 5am and had to work until 2pm. It was hectic, crazy, stressful & fun. I've never really worked retail during the holiday season (I got out of it last year due to my wedding and medical reasons) so I didn't really know what to expect. One hour I really enjoyed it and the next I was about to poke my eyes out. I was fortunate enough to have my best friend, Morgan, working the same shift as me!! It made working a little easier, plus our husbands came to visit during our lunch break which was just what we needed!

December 1, 2014


Thanksgiving day was unlike any I've had before! We were in Carlsbad visiting Scott's family and we were experiencing some of the best weather. We started the morning with a nice run and waffles. After, we decided to hit up the beach for a few hours with the whole family. We went paddle boarding for a while, made sand castles, and soaked up as much sun as we could! That evening we had dinner at Scott's brother's house. His wife, Jaryn, is so cute and decorated the tables so nicely. We had a great meal and good conversation about the things we were thankful for. It was so nice to spend a little more time than usual with Scott's family, getting to know them a little better. Sadly, we had to leave before dessert to catch a plane back to UT (I had to work Black Friday and Saturday) but we got to take our pie with us on the plane! I have to admit, I was a little nervous spending Thanksgiving away from my family. I'm not one who likes change but I had a fabulous time with my in-laws and enjoyed learning and taking part in their traditions. 
 ^^adult table^^
 ^^kids table^^
 ^^the buffet table. I mean, how cute is that?!^^
^^needed a thanksgiving picture, of course! love my lil turkey^^

November 26, 2014


Life is busy, stressful, and often not fair. However, Scott and I are happy, in love, and are so grateful for all that we are blessed with. We live a good life and couldn't be more grateful for all that we have. Often when I'm on vacation, I have time to think and reflect on all that we've been blessed with and I feel so guilty for not taking time to recognize it more in our every day life. Though, I really have tried this past month to be more aware of all we have been blessed with. 

This year I am especially grateful for my sweet husband. This time last year we were getting so close to the wedding and I was so excited, but I really had no idea how good of a guy I really had. I was head over heels for Scott I think I was blind sighted by his own goodness. Actually being married to to him, living with him, and going through so many experiences with him, good and bad, has made me a better person. Everyone who knows Scott loves him and wants to be around him. He is is generous, thoughtful, and so kind. Being his wife has taught me so much more about life than I think my whole lifetime has. He really is the best guy I know and I couldn't be more grateful for him. Happy Thanksgiving!! 

November 24, 2014


^^a random photographer asked to take our picture. I'm so glad she did!^^

Scott and I are in Carlsbad this week for Thanksgiving visiting Scott's family. On Sunday night, we were driving home from his brother's house and we decided to go watch the sun set. It was one of the best sunsets I've ever experienced. First the sky was a bright yellow and orange and then it settled into a beautiful pink and purple. The color was so vibrant and reflected all around us. It was one of those perfect moments where your heart is just so happy and you want to freeze that time forever. I love it when that happens.

November 20, 2014


Scott and I were spoiled rotten Wednesday night. We were invited to a special pre-screening of the new movie Mockingjay Pt. 1 that doesn't come out until Friday. We also got special treatment like fabulous seats and money to get whatever we wanted at the candy counter. My good friend Kenzie and her husband Andrew were the ones who invited us and we had a blast with them. They were a burst of energy that Scott and I desperately needed. Scott and I have been so, so busy (and stressed) and it was so nice to take a load off and enjoy a night out.

Like I said, its been a long week but THIS new music video has made my week. Its so cute and creative, and not to mention a great rendition of my favorite holiday song!

Also, THIS TALK by Pres.Utchdorf brought tears to my eyes as I thought about how much my Heavenly Father loves me and put this talk in my path just as I needed to hear it.