March 30, 2015


Scott and I needed to run some errands up in Salt Lake City so we decided to make a date night out of it. We got there a little earlier in the evening and decided to walk around the State Capitol. Right now the grounds are GORGEOUS. There is a gravel pathway that goes around the whole building and it is lined with trees. This time of year, all the trees are in full bloom and it was so beautiful. We spent a good chunk of time there enjoying the view and talking about life. I loved it there so much, I might make Scott take me there again this week!

March 23, 2015


Last weekend was a PARTY. It started with seeing my all time favorite singer/songwriter Mat Kearney in concert. I have loved him for a long time and I've gotten Scott to really enjoy his stuff as well. We went with the Smith cousins too which is always the best. 
Saturday my family came to town and we hung around Provo. I took them to all of my favorite spots and of course we had to hit up the BYU bookstore.
My family left for SLC but my sisters stayed behind so we could have a little sister sleepover!! Our two cousins joined us as well and we had the best time. We drove around Provo, got some dinner, and shopped around the little shops at the Riverwoods.
We ended the night with a late night movie to Cinderella. You can read my thoughts about the movie here. We all loved it!!
The next morning we woke up and had girl talk while I braided 4 heads of hair. I love to braid hair and I loved having them all around me chatting my ear off about various things. I felt so lucky to be their older cousin/sister and that I was cool enough to be hanging out with. Cousins are the best and I'm so lucky we have each other!! It just made my heart ache for Hannah and Lauren even more.  
After everyone was ready, we headed up to SLC to be with the rest of our family. We went to church, ate dinner, and had a little concert put on by Patrick. Sundays are the best day, especially when you get to hang out with family the whole day! 
^^a concert put on by Patrick, with special guest, Callie^^
 ^^Celebrating Patrick and Christopher's birthday!^^

March 18, 2015


This past weekend I went and saw the new Cinderella movie with my sisters and Scott. I highly recommend it. It left such a huge impression on me and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since. I've found myself wishing I was more like Cinderella. I wish I was kind to those who have been cruel. I wish I didn't care what others thought of me and let others accept me for who I was. I wish I could have courage to step outside of my comfort zone and be the person I want to be. The theme throughout the movie is "have courage and be kind". These words helped shape Cinderella to be an amazing young women. As I have been thinking about this movie and wishing I could be more like Cinderella, I realize that I can be just like Cinderella. Instead of wishing, I need to "do"and its a goal I have set for myself. I applaud Disney for making such an inspirational movie for not only young girls, but also women like myself.

March 13, 2015


Seven layer brownies were always the go-to treat at my house growing up. My mom is a master at making them and everyone I know loves it when she does. They are quick and easy, perfect when you need a last minute treat.

1 1/2 cups graham cracker crumbs
1/2 cup butter
1 cup chocolate chips
1 cup butterscotch chips
4 ounces coconut
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1/2 cup chopped pecans

Melt butter in a 9x13" pan (in preheating oven.) Add graham cracker crumbs to melted butter and mix well. Press crumbs down to form the first layer.

Sprinkle chocolate chips and butterscotch chips then coconut.

Pour sweetened condensed milk over the layers.

Sprinkle pecans and a little more coconut on top.

Bake at 350° until light brown. Approximately 20-25 minutes.

March 10, 2015


I always think its fun to hand out treats on holidays, even silly ones like St. Patrick's Day. I created these tags that easily attach to any treat! I went with oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for our friends and Rolos for our little sunbeams. What St. Patrick's Day treat will you put with your tags? 

March 9, 2015


For a class, I needed to document each hour of my day on Saturday: 
 1. Woke up after a good nights rest which felt really nice after a week of some rough nights. 
2. Hit the gym for a Zumba Tone class which is taught by the most energetic lady. Kind of annoying, kind of inspiring.
3. Got ready for the day and made a grocery list
4. Folded laundry and watched Friends until Scott came home from taking a test 
5. Scott came home and we headed out for some errands. 1st stop-Sodalicious (I had to bring my own popcorn because Scott doesn't allow me to buy a treat there) and then made some returns.
6. Grocery shopping at Windco and picking up some candy for a friend. 
7. Went to Target to pick up a few things. I usually loose Scott in Target and this time I found him jamming out with the Beats headphones by Dr. Dre. I joined him for a little bit and now I'm convinced we each need a pair!
8. Came home from errands and gave our apartment a good clean 
9. Worked on a St. Patrick's Day craft while Scott went to the gym
10. Dinner included a bowl of Lucky Charms. How cute are those throwback cereal boxes? I couldn't resist getting a few. 
11. Headed to our friend's house for a back yard fire, s'mores (my favorite!), and games. It's starting to warm up here and I couldn't be more excited about it! That picture is of us playing a new game introduced to us call Backwords. We loved it and I haven't laughed so hard in a while!!
12. After a fun night with friends, we headed home and snuggled in bed with some Netflix 

February 27, 2015


Little things happening recently that are worth documenting: 

^^Provo weather has been very pleasant lately and we love to take walks around the block^^
 ^^We went to DI to find something for a school project. I was looking around and Scott walks up with this old school camera. He then proceeded to "film" me for the rest of our time there. He's fun to have around.^^
^^I made a batch of Gramee's cinnamon rolls. They were delicious!!^^
 ^^We celebrated my friend Morgan's birthday at Classic Skating.^^
^^One of our favorite things, The Provo Food Truck Round Up, is still in full swing even with the freezing temps. We were so excited when we found out and had our friend Lex join us for the night^^
^^I am trying to master a hymn a week. Its hard but I know it will pay off in the long run^^
^^My cutest friend, Emily, is getting married!! I am so excited. She also threw herself an engagement party and I love that.^^
^^Mr. Grady turned 4 years old!! We celebrated by watching the Oscars^^
^^Scott somehow got free tickets to the Lakers vs. Jazz game. We went with the Zylsta's and had a really good time. We had nice seats and it was a close game which made the night extra fun^^