August 27, 2014


Back in July, Scott and I traveled to North Carolina for a much anticipated trip to the beach. I have vacationed at the Carolina beaches with my extended family since before I can remember and I was extra excited to introduce Scott to the praised Smith family beach trip. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint! As we were coming home, my cousins and I agreed that we couldn't remember a week that goes by faster or a vacation that is so hard to leave from. 
Its easy to have the best of times when your extended family are some of your best friends. We played in the ocean for hours on end (the Atlantic Ocean is warm!!), challenged each other in bocce ball, kayaked the ocean, boogie-boarded, surfed, read books in the hot sun, went on lots of walks, filmed our music video, played plenty of games and watch many World Cup final games, baked, cooked, and ate our hearts out, laughed until we cried, and left with closer bonds with each other than ever before.